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Anxiety, Depression, Pregnancy & Postpartum with Nicole

Pregnancy & postpartum

Pregnancy loss or infant loss


Anxiety and/or Depression


Anxiety and/or Depression

Moments of feeling overwhelmed and alone are common, and Nicole has experience in supporting clients during many phases of life (not only limited to parenthood). Feelings associated with anxiety and depression can be too heavy to sit with for long. Nicole welcomes clients to reach out in those moments. In safely attending to these unwanted feelings with curiosity and compassion, one can begin to relieve the power they hold over one's well-being. Working to provide care that meets your individual needs and circumstances, Nicole can sit with you and help you navigate your inner workings together through an Internal Family Systems, Adlerian and Mindful Self Compassion-based approach. The therapeutic goals include relief from painful thought patterns, processing and releasing emotions from the body, and finding balance in one's life once again. 


Pregnancy & postpartum

Life during pregnancy and new parenthood is made to seem like it should be the most joyous time. While many aspects of this transition can hold great happiness, many people feel immense fear, stress and loss during this time as well. Despite how common it is to feel this mix of emotions, we are made to feel guilty for any emotion that isn't positive! Nicole recognizes the need to hold space for all emotions during the prenatal and postpartum stages, to reduce shame, isolation and suffering in the lives of her clients. Counselling during these periods of life not only benefits the client, but the child, the partner and the family as a whole entity. If you are pregnant or have given birth and are feeling anxious, detached, depressed or helpless, please reach out. 


Data released in 2019 indicated that 23% of new Canadian mothers experienced symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety after childbirth. Postpartum blues will impact approximately 50% - 75% of new mothers. It is perfectly normal to experience fluctuating emotions that don't align with how we've been told to feel. However, postpartum depression and anxiety impedes your ability to function day-to-day and connect with your baby. Our work together can connect you to more social supports, manage symptoms and guide you towards recovery. It is never too late to seek help and end your silent suffering. 


 Pregnancy loss or infant loss

Pregnancy and infant loss are areas of grief that often feel impossible to navigate. No one knows what to say so many people feel abandoned or further hurt by what is said to them. It is hard to imagine anything more heartbreaking than this loss, and you are deserving of so much support and space to grieve. Nicole recognizes the vastly unique ways in which we all grieve, from our childhoods, to our religious or spiritual beliefs, to our family supports and rituals. Using a trauma-informed, person-centered approach, you can process your loss safely and be guided towards healing. 



You were never meant to do this alone. I am here to bear witness to your humanity as you navigate this immense life change. 




$150+GST per 50-minute session

$225+GST per 75-minute session

Do you accept insurance?

For residents of BC, check your extended health insurance benefits - many DO cover sessions with Registered Clinical Counsellors!

Where are you located?

We are located in Burnaby, British Columbia.

204-4388 Still Creek Drive, Burnaby BC, behind the McDonald's. Ample free parking right outside.

Or we can see you VIRTUALLY Via Zoom Pro - from anywhere you happen to be!

Contact us through the contact form, or text your questions to (778) 985-5458. Please specify that your question is for Nicole.

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