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Stop fighting - for good!
6-week self-paced COUPLES INTENSIVE

I know firsthand how heart-wrenching it can be to fight too much, how badly you can wish for things to change and how helpless you can feel when you keep getting into the exact same cycle over and over. I made this course FOR me and my husband, using every piece of available knowledge and experience I have from my many years of learning about and practicing couples therapy.

My husband and I tried couples therapy but because I am a couples therapist myself, my standards were really high - and I couldn't find anyone who fit what I was looking for. So I made this course to be an "at-home, DIY couples therapy" course designed for couples who find themselves fighting and HATE IT. For couples who are READY for change!!!


In our home, we had mental health issues, physical health issues, financial baggage, a desire gap, old hurts and resentments, and a young child - basically every type of problem you could imagine worth fighting over. We tried and failed so many times at so many things. But then - we figured out what works. And now? Our relationship feels SO different... it's so much more peaceful and strong.


We still get heightened, our emotions haven't changed, but now we have the tools to manage those moments. It's often the simplest shift that saves the entire evening, and those happier evenings start to build trust and a much more solid foundation.


So if you feel hopeless that you and yours won't be able to stop fighting, I'm here to give you some hope. It WON'T be easy, it will take MANY months, but you'll see progress and I'm here to help you notice the progress you're making, celebrate it, and keep at it.


This is the course I wish I had had access to when I first got married. It would have saved us so many years of heartache. THIS is how you learn to have a FULFILLING, JOY-FILLED relationship, even if you have no idea right now how to create that.

The problem with doing ONLY therapy in order to change your cycle is that things will start to feel better for a week, even a month, so couples stop coming to therapy - after all, if they're feeling better, why spend the money? But soon, because those changes haven't been cemented and because usually the couple has worked on the symptoms but not the underlying causes, the cycle will creep back up, leaving couples feeling demoralized and hopeless.


This course is 6 weeks long but you can take it over and over again, ensuring that you have the TIME you need in order to not only create change but make sure it sticks.


Therapy is not practical for a lot of people - it's expensive, it's hard to find the right fit, and when you hit a pitfall, it's hard to keep going back. This course will ALWAYS be with you, there to help show you your next move, walk you through the rough patches, and encourage you to celebrate the good times. (and you'll have lifetime access, of course.)


This course is for you if:

  • You and your partner fight over seemingly EVERYTHING - little things, big things, important and unimportant things AND/OR

  • You and your partner fight over the SAME thing(s) over and over again

  • You are READY for a change and READY to commit to a more peaceful existence

  • You have good incentive to stop fighting - for example, young children at home

  • You are fed up with the same old cycle

  • You're ready to take personal responsibility for YOUR part of the cycle

  • Your partner is also willing to do what it takes to stop fighting

  • Therapy is not a viable option for you - it's either too expensive, you haven't found the right fit of therapist, or you're just not that into it OR

  • You're doing couples/individual therapy on the side, but you want the extra support of a DIY course with tools you can access easily if you and your partner find yourselves fighting over who's going to prepare taco dinner on a Tuesday night

This course is NOT for you if...

  • There's an active affair

  • There is physical violence

  • There is emotional abuse

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