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E-Course - After an affair: Rebuilding your relationship (trust, sex and all). Bonus: Should I stay or should I go?

Affairs can SHATTER relationships - whether the affair happened 10 years ago or last week.


You may be wondering:

"Why am I still being affected by this?"

"How long will it take to get over this?"

 "Why did this happen?"

"Should I stay or should I leave? If I stay, am I going to go through this again? If I leave, am I going to ever be able to trust anyone again?"


This course can help.


If you and your partner are struggling in the aftermath of an affair, chances are you don't even know HOW to rebuild trust - how to even start. You may be wondering if you should stay or go. You may be struggling with WHEN to resume sexual activities or HOW. You may feel like if you start to connect with your partner again, they'll think all is forgiven, not realizing how much pain you're still in. You may be wondering how to talk to them about the effects of the affair without making them defensive or angry. You may wonder how to take care of yourself when your confidence is at an all-time low. 


With  this course, you can gain immediate access to a seasoned relationship counsellor's knowledge and expertise on reconnecting after an affair - without having to wait until your therapy session to start the healing process. This makes for an excellent companion to therapy or on its own. 


This course will give you a practical road map for healing after an affair, rebuilding trust, re-establishing intimacy, and creating a potentially even BETTER relationship. And because healing doesn't follow any set timeline, you will have lifetime access upon purchase.

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