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Addiction Counselling 

Substance use/abuse counselling for couples or individuals

Behavioural/process addiction counselling for couples or individuals


Addictions Counselling


Addictions and overuse can greatly impact relationships. Whether you or your loved one is struggling with a substance (such as alcohol, prescription medication or drugs) or behavioural/process addiction (such as gaming, gambling or pornography), Harj or Hameda can help you gain insights, understanding, and develop a plan that fits your goals and lifestyle. You can attend sessions separately, together, or a combination of the two. 

Harj has eight years of experience working in the
substance use field. He has training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, clinical hypnosis, and mindfulness-based therapies. His aim is to support clients in gaining insight into to underlying causes of their mental health struggles as well as furnishing them with tools to reduce distress and increase their sense of well being and meaning in their lives.

Hameda helps people struggling with addiction, mental health and overwhelm. Her philosophy of counselling can be summarized by the following quote:
“The ways you have learned to survive, may not be the ways you wish to continue to live.”

Counsellors who can help



$160+GST per 50-minute session

$240+GST per 75-minute session

Do you offer an initial consult?

All counsellors (except for Jena) DO offer 15-minute free initial consults. You can schedule these in via the "Book Now" or "Book a Session" buttons. 

Do you accept insurance?

For residents of BC, check your extended health insurance benefits - many DO cover sessions with Registered Clinical Counsellors!

Where are you located?

We are located in Burnaby, British Columbia.

204-4388 Still Creek Drive, Burnaby BC, behind the McDonald's. Ample free parking right outside.

Or we can see you VIRTUALLY  - from anywhere you happen to be!


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