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Youth Counselling

Youth Counselling


Anxiety and/or Depression

If you're struggling with low mood, anxiety, or severe mood swings, if you're worried about your state of mind and would like to understand your experience/learn tools to help you cope more effectively, our counsellors can help.


They help clients gain insight into the underlying causes of their mental health struggles and equip them with tools to reduce distress and increase their sense of well being and meaning in their lives.

Harj and Nicole take a holistic view of every individual and considers their personal stories, perspectives beliefs and the totality of the environments they live in. They helps clients make sense of and honour their pasts but also move beyond them and experience new found freedoms.


Moments of feeling overwhelmed and alone are common, and feelings associated with anxiety and depression can be too heavy to sit with for long. Harj and Nicole welcome you to reach out in those moments. In safely attending to these unwanted feelings with curiosity and compassion, one can begin to relieve the power they hold over one's well-being.


Working to provide care that meets your individual needs and circumstances, they can sit with you and help you navigate your inner workings together. Nicole uses an Internal Family Systems, Adlerian and Mindful Self Compassion-based approach. Harj uses dialectical behavoral therapy and clinical hynosis. The therapeutic goals include relief from painful thought patterns, processing and releasing emotions from the body, and finding balance in one's life once again. 

Counsellors who can help




$150+GST per 50-minute session

$225+GST per 75-minute session

Do you accept insurance?

For residents of BC, check your extended health insurance benefits - many DO cover sessions with Registered Clinical Counsellors!

Where are you located?

We are located in Burnaby, British Columbia.

204-4388 Still Creek Drive, Burnaby BC, behind the McDonald's. Ample free parking right outside.

Or we can see you VIRTUALLY Via Zoom Pro - from anywhere you happen to be!

Contact us through the contact form, or text your questions to (778) 985-5458. Please specify whether your question is for Nicole or Harj.

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