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Learn how to communicate with your partner and create a way better relationship!
(2 workshops for the price of 1)

You come home from work, hoping for some affection, that feeling of knowing your partner missed you and is excited to see you... and instead, just a few minutes into the evening, you're arguing about something completely ridiculous, or distant with each other and you don't fully understand why. You just know you don't feel the way you want to.


Lack of connection and poor communication can infect your relationship with negativity, disconnect, and even decreased trust. You may find you or your partner have a lower desire for intimacy when your relationship feels strained, and it may be difficult to connect even over simple things when you're tense. Because it's harder to connect, you feel lonelier than ever... and when you TRY to connect, you're both so tense that it turns into ANOTHER argument!

This 2-part workshop series will help you understand HOW to effectively communicate, and the MINDSET SHIFT that needs to happen if you are to create a more STABLE, SECURE, LOVING relationship... because, let's face it, loneliness does not help us feel safe or happy. 

If you want to feel safer, more loving and loved, and more able to connect, even in high-stress situations (like raising children!), this workshop series is for you! Jena shares her BEST communication tools for a super low price because this knowledge should be more accessible! It only takes ONE PERSON to change a relationship. So take charge of your own part of the cycle and feel the relief and EXCITEMENT that accompanies a more connected, secure relationship! Upon purchase, you will have lifetime access so you can continue to work on the communication tools outlined in these workshops.


When interacting with my husband, I now have your voice in my head telling me to take a deep breath and reflect before responding... and my conversations with my husband feel SO different now! Things are just lighter. Thank you Jena!

Amanda, Richmond

I rewatch these workshops every time I feel down about my marriage... and "seeing the good" in my partner rather than "putting her down" makes ME feel way better, and her too obviously. Honestly, I didn't think this would work. I was pretty surprised it did. Now it's just about remembering to do it [more regularly]. 

Ron, Mississauga

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