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[video interview] Making it Through Tough Times in Your Relationship with Ruth Skutezky

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Going through a ROUGH PATCH with your partner? Unsure if you should stay or leave? Join couples counsellors Jena (host) and Ruth (guest of honour) in episode 3 of The Get Happy Show as they discuss:

- The perfect storm of conditions that make new parenthood (kids age 0-5) so challenging

- Why it's so dang hard to take time for ourselves when we're new parents (and what to do about it)

- What can you do to show up as the best version of yourself in your relationship?

- The single biggest predictor of how you're going to FEEL within your relationship

- How stepping into your power can help you decide whether to stay or leave the relationship

- How to tell if you're going through a rough patch or if your relationship is really on the rocks

- What couples does Ruth worry about in her practice?

- How to handle resentment in a relationship

- How to manage division of household chores in a relationship

- 2 keys to overcoming perfectionism

- Criticism versus complaining versus contempt

- Why new parenthood can become a battleground

- The underestimated power of generosity in a relationship

- The thing that can melt your partner (vulnerability)

- The most important question to ask yourself if you want to understand why you and your partner are fighting about seemingly insignificant things

And more!! This episode is jam-packed with information for couples at all ages and stages.


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