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[VIDEO] My partner is SO GRUMPY and it ruins my mood! How can I protect myself?

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Healthy marriage communication tools for a way better relationship:

When my partner is GRUMPY, MOODY, FRUSTRATED, their bad mood brings me down! Help!

Imagine - your partner comes home from work. They're in a mood, you can tell as soon as they walk in the door. You want to have a fun night, and you find yourself feeling annoyed, frustrated, ANGRY that they're not able to control THEIR mood. You both start snapping at each other. The kids start to get riled up because they're feeding off your energy. The whole mood of the house plummets, and you're feeling now guilty on top of the rage and frustration you originally felt.

You WANT to have a good night!!!! Why can't your partner just be on the same page as you??? The ONLY way to show up in a compassionate, empathetic way is by recognizing that their mood does not have to influence YOUR mood. Of course, it's natural for it to have an impact, but if you let yourself get riled up by your partner's frustration, you'll both end up frustrated and upset.

In this video, Jena shows you exactly what to do to maintain YOUR cool - no matter how upset your partner is. This is so important if you want to maintain peace in your house.

If you're like me, you'll be familiar with this scene - don't let it get the best of you next time around. Maintain YOUR calm, do the things YOU need to do to remain centred and grounded. Self-regulation has to come before a peaceful house for many couples.

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