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[Video] The 5 Love Languages In Action!

Knowing your "Love Language" and the love language of your spouse can improve your relationship IMMENSELY. Your love language is the way you most genuinely experience and/or express your love. Sometimes you express love in a different way than you experience it, and that's okay! Do you feel most loved when your partner showers you with gifts? Or would you prefer them to say "You're amazing. I love you."

Knowing HOW you like to give and receive love, and then pairing it with how your PARTNER likes to give and receive love, can help clear up some misunderstandings. It's possible that your partner has been trying to show you that they love you by giving you acts of service, such as washing your car or making you dinner. But you receive love best by receiving gifts. If this is the case, you may not have REALIZED that your partner was showing you their love all this time!

Watch the video to see the 5 Love Languages in action. Share it with your partner so you can get their take on it!

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