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[VIDEO] I worry CONSTANTLY! Here's a life-changing tip for anxious worriers

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

This one’s for all the worriers out there!

This technique is called the Worry Window and I’ve made it seem simple but of course it takes focused attention and practice to really make it work. If you’re a worrier (like me), here’s a technique that can help you train your brain to be more mindful - while still giving you time to problem solve and feel “on top of” the things you’re worried about.

And let’s talk about the difference between thinking and worrying. Thinking is great, and it can be used when you have some control over the situation. For example, planning for vacation - you can think of the amenities you want in the hotel, what to pack, etc. Worrying involves things you can’t control - for example, what if the weather report is wrong and there’s a hurricane?? What if the people at the beach don’t think I look good in my bikini? What if my kids fight the entire time we’re there? Sure, there’s some planning that can come from these thoughts, but if you’ve planned for the worst and you are still thinking about it - that’s worry! Nothing wrong with it, but if you don’t like how it feels to be caught in a “what if” vortex all day, you can try this technique 🙂



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